Aromatic Consultation & Custom Product Creation

Aromatic Consultation & Custom Product Creation

We experience essential oils to be pure botanical love with profoundly vibrant healing abilities, and surely plant energies have been called upon since the beginning of humanity through diverse applications to support wellness and enhance spiritual practices. Fast forward to our modern world, and day-by-day we are seeing these traditions confirmed by science, which is reassuring for those of us who find it challenging to grasp the idea of unseen energies.

History tells us that Cleopatra adored her neroli perfume, that Jesus had his feet massaged in spikenard oil by Mary Magdalen. While, Queen Elizabeth the 2nd, was anointed in a consecrated blend of precious oils at her coronation. Not forgetting, the use of tea tree and eucalyptus for respiratory health by the oldest lived community on Earth, the Australian Aboriginals.

Essential oils have fortifying restorative reasoning across one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Physiologically, they may be called on to help speed up cell regeneration in the case of wound recovery, to expel mucous with respiratory concerns, to aid digestion, to sustain healthy sleep patterns or to help enhance concentration and focus. Emotionally, essential oils can dissipate fear, anger & resentment, and encourage love and understanding. Of course this is only a small presentation, we have come to realize that it may be hard pressed to find a scenario that these plant & tree wonders cannot help with, and all the better if a remedy is created especially for you. After all, we are each unique and a remedy should be tailored to you and your time-space reality. 


CONSULTATION A (2 products made)
This one-on-one situation will firstly involve an intake form being filled in by you. After we have received your paperwork, and have had time to review, we will schedule a phone conversation to consider goals and concerns with your emotional, mental and physiological health. This will highlight where aromatic remedies can help, as well as discussing the information we received from you. During the consultation we will discuss best means of delivery, and how to use the said remedy to determine what fits best for you.

We will then make 2 (flexible) aromatic remedies which will be shipped out to you. We also provide information on what we feel may be supportive to your situation. Each of the 2 products created will be up to 2 ounces maximum dependent on the product required. Our remedies are made from organic, wildharvested and homegrown plants, we also avoid plastic containers unless we do not have another choice.

CONSULTATION B (Instruction to make your own products)
Rather than formulate products, we will discuss essential oils you can use at home, as well as suggested products you can create at home to help said concern. We will answer any questions you have, while touching on safety and dilution guidelines. We will summarize with an email at end of consultation.

We aim to have this compiled no later than 2 weeks from date of payment received through to you receiving the products in the mail or final summarizing email, dependent on what kind of consultation you are undertaking. There will also be a 2-week follow up from us to see how you are progressing with the aromatic remedies.

As of May 2020 we are offering a discounted cost for this complete process of $100, which will include consultation & formulation of 2 products if this consultation is chosen. Otherwise $60 is the total fee without products being made. These prices are given in light of the current situation on the global health front. Taxes and shipping will be added at checkout.

Please pay for appointment and then fill in appropriate Health History Form, making sure to sign the consent form at the bottom. We will then contact you, with next steps via email, to continue the process.
* Form for Child Click HERE
* Form for Adult Click HERE
* If this is for a baby, we will consult initially with you verbally

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