Helichrysum italicum

Syn - Immortelle, Everlasting

Herbaceous, Earthy, Fresh and Warm

A true super star, known as the liquid gold oil that heals all wounds, emotionally and physically, this is one essential oil you do not want to be without. 


Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Antispasmodic, Antidepressant, Antiseptic, Calming, Anti-anxiety, Antispasmodic, Wound Healer

A wonderful aid to encourage one’s intuitive channels, it supports with opening of the heart and all kinds of emotional healing.


Non-sprayed, wildcrafted in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Always pure - GCMS

What's a GCMS?

Bottles full of golden helichrysum

Why It Is Special

After being freshly distilled on a small family-farm, this precious oil traveled from the highlands of Bosnia and Herzegovina by foot, car and boat to be hand delivered to us on an Island in the Mediterranean. Helichrysum is miraculous, it helps with stagnant energy on both the emotional and physical level. It opens one’s intuitive fields, and is also utilized for its soothing properties that encourage sleep. It is also phenomenal for the skin as a cell regenerator, wound healer and anti-inflammatory. We have seen astounding recoveries from this oil, it is incredibly special and this particular batch comes hand delivered from us to you, with deep appreciation for all it offers.

Incorporate into your Dailies

  • In your diffuser to lull off to peaceful slumber
  • Inhale straight from bottle before a meditation session
  • Dilute with a carrier for the all kinds of skin healing, excellent in a DIY facial serum
  • In a DIY pain oil blend for swollen joints, muscles or tendons
The Croatian coastline

Mediterranean Dreaming

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