About Wythe & Berry

Wythe & Berry is an all-natural wellness brand inspired by the profound healing properties of Mother Earth’s botanical gifts. We believe in harnessing the power and raw beauty derived from nature’s alchemy to create simple, yet effective solutions for the mind, body and spirit.

Created by Libby Vlasic, a certified aromatherapist, herbalist and educator, our vegan, cruelty-free products are designed to enhance the harmonious relationship between plants and the human body.

At Wythe & Berry, we follow the traditions of plant-based healing, we honor and speak to the plants and trees around us and believe that a kinship with our natural surroundings opens the world to true magic. We encourage self-care in its purest form by honoring and nurturing the body both inside and out.

Our plant-based remedies are thoughtful in their simplicity, containing only the essential components to deliver clean, yet powerful results. Each unique formulation are handcrafted using naturally-derived, sustainable ingredients that are either grown locally or ethically sourced from around the globe.

We are committed to serving as a resource to help guide you on your individual journey to personal wellbeing by promoting holistic wellness and encouraging discovery of the extraordinary, restorative benefits of essential oils.