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    Greetings and welcome to Wythe & Berry.

    How wonderful it is for me to type these words. This website has been a journey, and with it finally launching I look forward to seeing where all of this is going to take us. 

    My name is Libby, and I am the brainchild of what is and will be Wythe & Berry. 

    This aromatic and herbal manifestation has been an idea that I have had since I was a child growing up in Australia, I remember always being fascinated by the beauty of the plants, flowers and towering wise eucalyptus trees that surrounded me in such a beautiful part of our world.

    Additionally, I was always curious about formulating cosmetic and helpful remedies from plants. An early memory I like to revisit is collecting lemon eucalyptus leaves which fragrantly grew outside my bedroom window when I was a teenager. I would collect the fallen leaves to steam my face over a just-boiled pot of water, towel over my head, taking in the herbaceous and homely aroma this phenomenal spirit shares. This ritual not only helped my face feel clean and fresh, but it was also a moment to take pause and connect with the plant world, instilling continued respect and enhancing my wonderment for mother nature.  

    Fast forward to now and Wythe & Berry is a dream-come-true which has enabled me to happily coincide with the green nation while sharing the profound simplicity.

    Wythe & Berry is a plan to bring botanicals forward into one's daily life in a safe and respectable way to support the planet we call home. It is a dream to acknowledge these intelligent plant beings who we coexist with here, who give us air to breathe, who provide food and shelter for us, who help us in time of need, and wow us with their pure beauty by just being.

    Wythe & Berry is about a thorough understanding of what we call essential oils, it is about herbalism, it is about gardening, it is about respect and gratitude. It is about being mindful of waste, and using what we can to be kinder to our home Earth, it is about awareness, it is about learning, and getting back to the basics, of rewinding and not forgetting where we come from. And, most importantly it is about our future.

    With love and gratitude, I hope you enjoy our beautiful products, and I hope you find wisdom in our words throughout this space. 


    by Libby Vlasic, certified aromatherapist, certified herbalist and plant-lover!


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